Taste the excitement of Byzantine Greece,
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Distilling Alcohol in Australia

Introducing Liquor Craftsman, Tom Christopoulos and family, celebrating with his range of traditionally made Greek-style spirits in Adelaide, Australia

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From traditional recipes said to date back to 330ad, ancient Greek Australian Tom Christopoulos has breathed new life into the thrilling art of distilling alcohol in Australia, creating a range of spirits that embody the essence of craftsmanship and heritage.

Spirits which are unrivalled by any you have ever experienced. As you’ll discover, while Tom’s life experience has been broad, his true passion is for the age-old traditions of spirit making he has inherited from countless generations, now expertly distilled in Australia.

Supported in his quest for excellence by his family, Tom began commercially distilling alcohol in Australia with his range of exciting spirits as recently as 2016. Almost instantly, 1946 Distilling has taken the Australian Spirits community by storm, picking up over 30 major awards throughout Australia’s highest Spirit associations.

It’s no wonder 1946 Distilling, with its dedication to distilling alcohol in Australia, is now a feature of Australia’s best liquor stores including selected Dan Murphy and BWS outlets and on Amazon Australia, (see where to buy, here).

Have you yet enjoyed the glorious splendour of 1946 Distilling, the epitome of Australian-made spirits?

If not, you owe it to yourself to try just one of their delightful range, crafted with passion and expertise in the art of distilling alcohol in Australia.

From Tom and his family, yiasou!

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With over 30 awards, in just 3 years!

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